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Hello and Welcome,
Let me introduce myself I'm Nancy glad you stopped by, let me tell you how I started writing.  As a child, I would rewrite and rearrange the comic strips making them into elaborate stories using all the characters. My family always liked reading my inventive storylines, and since I can't draw to save my life, the comics were easy to use.  
I spent my youth writing for school papers, even having a few poems published in magazines. But most of the time my writing was kept in countless notebooks for only my eyes to see.
When I grew up I went to college excelling in  English/ Creative writing classes but majored in Business. Over the years I continued to write, mostly children stories for my sons, nieces, and nephew.
After a very difficult divorce, I wrote about the trials of being a woman of the 1990s.
But a few years ago I got a life-changing diagnosis so all my writing came out of their hiding places.  
I vowed I would NOT die until all the stories I have in my head are finally told. This is my legacy to my son's and grandchildren. I have been working every year (NaNoWriMo) drafting, editing preparing to finally publish my work. 
Follow me on this journey, discovering all the pitfalls, challenges, joys and triumphs of the self-publishing world. 
And remember to WRITE ON!!
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Pirner Press is a family Owned Publishing company run by mostly Women. We are here to help you along this journey to follow your dreams offering mentoring, personal support, editing, and proofreading services.  As Self Published authors ourselves, we can help show you how we accomplished publishing from the written page to the final Book Baby ready for print.  
Nancy Pirner Owner 
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Write On!
Follow Your Passion
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Upcoming Novel Releases

One Family,

Many Voices

Cover Design- One Family,
                           Many Voices 
One Family, Many Voices a collection of poems and short stories written over years, discovering the art of storytelling with insight, humor, a heartfelt honesty of life as a writer. Included are children's silly tales, young coming of age, adult outlook on life's many journeys. Something for all to experience. 
Book Launch
Upcoming Novel Releases 
 book  1 of 3 book series
Deadly Sins -(working title) 
Adult Thriller / Suspense/ Contemporary Hot Romance
 Watch as heroine Nina  Peck must follow the clues before the villain can cover their tracks. What starts off as a Murder of her best friend quickly turns into a cat and mouse game she must solve before anyone else is killed. With nowhere else to turn after tragedy strikes again, Nina falls into the arms of the only man able to fight alongside her. Special Forces FBI Agent Brody Williams, the bad boy on the force.  But will he be the next victim? Will she be able to save him in time? Or will she lose again, but this time will it be the only man she'll ever love, or even her own life as well? 
This story has twists and turns that will leave you breathless, on the edge of your seat, wondering if they have the right assailant or NOT! The killer is cunning and swift, able to stay one step ahead of the investigation. Taunting Nina and Williams with his sick clues. Will they find the answers to all these questions in time, or will there be a path of death, heartache and the bitter truth of finding the killer was right under their nose the whole time?  


Book 2 of Deadly Series Deadly Secrets



The true price of Fame is NOT what we were lead to believe. No yellow brick road to Riches. Instead, fame is never given without sacrifice. Sometimes the price is too high, the Road to jagged, lost of Love ones hurt too deep. Dream as you will, but finding out the dark side of Hollywood, is what nightmares are made of. Never knowing whom you can trust, or where to turn without being caught in a web of lies and deception.  Eden our Heroin must make a frantic choice between good and evil. Will she make the right choice in time is the question? Or will more death follow her family? She may need her sister Nina more than ever now? Can Williams help as well? or will they all be put in the line of fire? 
Book 3 in Deadly Series
Deadly Shadows
Just when Special Forces agent Brody Williams thinks he knows who the enemy is  ... he discovers the REAL truth. It will shake him and his team to their very core, changing how they see the world once and for all. What do you do when everything you once knew was a lie, now they must find a way to protect all those they love, but also trying to keep all of this secret for the public protection. Right below our feet lies the unimaginable, out of this world danger at every turn. Whom can you trust? Who can save us from the very thing that was supposed to be a Myth? Williams must take a chance, bringing in all the characters to solve this, to stand their ground and fight for ALL of Our Freedom once and for all. 

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Medford Oregon 


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News and Events

My Book Launches have been pushed back to 2019 check back for details and dates. 

Also be sure to check out Blog posts. 

Wrting Services offered coming soon. 

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