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Camp WriMO Survival Guide

So Tomorrow Starts Camp WriMO, in case your not aware its a month of finishing any writing project you have left over from NaNoWriMo in November. But this time there is no word count set goal, you can set your own. I'm working on the final edits of my 1st book and writing the complete outline and character profiles for my next novel. Which will mean April I will write close to 25k words. 

How do I survive the endless writing sessions, well first of all lots of chocolate, I ordered some french truffles just in time, also lots of apple spice tea, tons of water,  multiple notebooks, and having google images on in the background in case I need inspiration. I turn off my phone and stay holed up in my cave. 

My cave lets explain it's an antique French desk, a huge stuffed armchair with footstool, a throw to keep warm in late hours. With a sign on the door to not be disturbed for penalty of death. lol, Camp happens twice a year in April and July, which gives most writers enough time to get through the 1st draft and edits before publishing. 

Camp is a great place to find other writers to talk to bounce ideas off of, and there are counselors who have published already who can give you pointers. It's a great community. If you're interested check it out at there's still time to join and get some work done. 

I hope I see some of you there and be sure to add my name as a friend so we can chat in rooms. 

I'll bring the marshmallows for the smores... Write ON !!

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