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Don't Lose that idea, Brain Dumping is the answer.

Hi all, Have you ever gotten in bed and just get comfortable to go to sleep then your characters start running around inside your head, coming up with great scenes for your story. Do they give you so much inspiration at night you toss and turn till you finally get back up grab your journal for that story in a  furied state write everything down?

Well, that's why I keep brain dumping journals for each story, for nights when they are running amuck, I get them at the dollar store I like the soft cover composition books. They are the perfect size to drop in my bag when going to the bookstore or traveling. I have different colors for each story. 

I'm naturally a night owl, so when the characters are spinning in my head I have a habit of letting them run the course. When I have writer's block I just pretend I'm going to sleep and what do you know they're right there ready to play. 

The biggest problem is making sure to write everything down even if you have no idea how it will fit together, brain dumping doesn't have to be neat, your racing against time, so just write as crazy as you can. Just get the idea on paper before you forget it altogether. You can edit and rearrange later. 

Finding the voice of each character is a trick too, you can't have everyone talking exactly the same so I let my mind wander, and ask each one how they want to speak. No doubt a voice will come to me and it's perfect for what I was looking for it all makes sense. Being a writer is half talent, half crazy...LOL 

People who aren't writers have no idea how characters can talk to you, or have some control in writing the story, but writers are all too familiar with these people you created in your own head to guide and sometimes even try to take over the story. 

We are never alone that's for sure, I think that's why most writers are solitary, they have all the company they need inside their head. And we can change something in them we don't like or annoys us something you can't do to real people. Without getting arrested that is ...Just Saying...LOL

So keep a notebook by your bed with a good pen, or just plan on jumping up running to your desk and dump all those thoughts in your journal there. You can make sense of it in the morning (which is more like early afternoon).  Night owls aren't morning people. 

Have fun with it, never forget a great title or dialogue moment again. Just Brain Dump! 

Write On!!

Nancy Pirner

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