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Introducing My Self

Hi I'm Nancy Pirner, a writer, and poet. My 1st book of a collection of poetry and short stories are coming out in May 2018 entitled "One Family, Many Voices" I'm pretty excited to share my very personal, sometimes quirky humorous stories. I have been writing since as long as I can remember changing the comic strips to make up my own storyline. I also wrote into Days of Our Lives for years to the writers, when they were driving me nuts with the continuity of the original storyline.

I took some time off from my dream to be a published Author to raise my children, but since they are grown men now I can follow my passion to write.  Writing for me has always been my outlet to purge all the chatter in my head, yes I have characters that try to yell at me to tell their story. I use a journal as a brain dump so I don't miss anything that might spring to life.

I have several novels in various stages of completion so those are coming next. I love to read all genres, so my range is pretty wide. My next book is called (working title) "Deadly Illusions" a murder mystery with a hot Detective as a love interest. Hint: his belt buckle says "hello darin' " and he rides a motorcycle with leather chaps... (excuse the hot flash) lol.

I hope you'll stick around and check out my website for updates.

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