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Journal/ Notebook Addiction

How many Journals / notebooks do you have? 5, 10, 15, more than 20, well I just counted mine and hold on to your hats ...  have 65 yes that's right 65. Granted NOT all of them are in use at the moment. But give me a

Here the ones I use right now:

 Novel writing Bible, 

My Lexicon (words I find interesting and can'tr always spell correctly), 

Gratitude pages, 

Memorable Quotes and Saying, 

Bucket list, 

Blog log,

Pirner Press Business bible,

Brain dumping  for each of my projects, 

Planner (of course), 

Book reading Log, 

Life / Milestone stories (to be memoir someday), 

Research (varies topics).

 So 16 in use wow... I do need a 12 step program. 

I love buying Journals and notebooks, if I find a pretty one I have to buy it even if I have no idea what to use it for, I will find something someday. So I have 2 suitcases under my desk filled with pretty unable to part with Journals. 

I find writers love to have notebooks and pads of paper everywhere, jotting down all the brilliant ideas that flood our minds while we are do the dishes or the other mundane things life requires. We have a hunger for writing materials, not just Journals, some have a thing for PENS... loads of pens, depending on the mood of the day, the character their writing, the scene in the story. So I don't feel so bad, I mean a writer NEEDS these things right?  

So if you find yourself hording Journals and or PENS, just remember your only being prepared for the Amazing story struggling to be formed, edited, and then published for the masses. 

Write On!

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