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Journaling Basics -types for any Occasion

Hi again, this week I thought to discuss all the different types of Journals and their uses. I have loads of Journals that I love to use daily. But maybe you only have one or (god forbid) so here is my list :

1. Daily Affirmations- this is where you can give yourself a daily pep talk, a phrase to help with your day, a word to try to use in conversation. Or a bible passage, also used for meditation, daily reflection. I use a lovely leather bound journal my best friend gave me for my birthday. 

2. Planner- A calendar, keeping daily activities logged, appointments to remember, daily To-Do list, reminder tracker. I get mine from the dollar store, 8x10 vinyl cover. and personalize it with stickers and quotes. 

3. Lexicon- this one is sort of new for me, but it's for all those words we come across in reading or Social Media we don't know the meaning of, so we can look it up and have somewhere we can retrieve it easily. A personal dictionary so to speak.  I got a small purse size notebook with Oscar Wilde quote on the front. 

4. Quotes and Sayings- I got a beautiful spiral journal I put all the lovely famous quotes in so I have it for safe keeping, inspirational sayings that warm my heart, sort of a junk journal. I find myself looking through it for comfort when I'm feeling out of sorts. It makes me smile. 

5. Brain Dump- A spiral notebook with college rule lines, I tend to have a lot going in my head making it hard to concentrate so I jot everything I'm thinking of doing, into this so I can be free of it cluttering up in my head. 

6. Writers Journal- I use one for each of my story ideas so that all those ideas that come I can put them in a location I can find them again. I hate when I get a great idea then I can't remember it later. I use a  binder system with dividers to organize the entire book. Making a book Bible for each I'm working on. 

7. Research Binder- I use this for all the interesting facts and pictures, locations, events, that I want to know more about, so I use a 5-inch binder to sort all the different categories in one place. Makes it easy to add to it as more information comes out. 

I took a class a few years ago in college when I was finishing my degree, in journaling, it was taught by a wonderful professor/ poet. She gave me so much insight into how to keep journaling, and permission to split them up I had been trying to do it all in one tiny bound diary, and it was frustrating to find anything I needed. So I had given up. But finding out all the different types gave me the inspiration to try again. And I've been hooked ever since. 

Journaling is fun, it helps to calm the mind, great for organizing all those brilliant ideas you get at 2 am. LOL Also for storing all the projects you have going on. I can't tell you how many times my brain dump has saved me from having to remeasure the windows in the house at the hardware store...LOL, I keep on hand with me at all times, then when I'm home can transfer it to proper journal for later use. 

So give it a try, I love getting new ones all the time and with the holiday season coming maybe SANTA will bring you a few. Hope this helps some, and as always...

Write On!


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