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Laptop Died 2 days ago!!! UGH!!!

So I've been sick with flu again and then laptop died 2 days ago, so haven't posted is about 2 weeks ... but here I am.

Procrastination-- UGH!!!! yes I have tons of rewrites to do, and have been postponing doing them WHY you ask? well I think its because that would mean I would be that much closer to publishing. Its what I really want to do. But... I'm also afraid, yes afraid. I don't get afraid most of the time, but having my work available to be trashed and torn apart by strangers is freaking me out.

 I have always kept my work hidden in notebook, memory boxes and such, but now to bring all of it into the light to be criticized it's harder than I thought it would be.

I keep wondering if anyone will find value in my writing?  Will they understand what I'm saying? is my story good enough? Is it worth publishing , or is going straight to the bargain bin?

Call me chicken, yes I am ! I know its silly, to be so close to my dream and to freak out, but I am. I admit it. Here see..  Hi I'm Nancy and I'm a big old chicken, is there a 12 step program for this part of being a writer. I wonder.

I know in my head I must and will push through, I have to. Now I just have to kick my butt in gear and get on with it. I keep telling myself just do it  but its not working at the moment.

So if anyone finds themselves in this situation leave a comment. We can exchange ideas and push each other past our self destructive panic filled freak out.

I hope this helps in a small way we are in this together.

As always WRITE ON !!!!

Nancy Pirner

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