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NaNoWriMo Are You Ready?

As we enter Preptober for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and getting ready for the BIG 50K, I find myself researching my characters, scorning Google images, for any inspiration that seems to fit into my story in my head. All those imagined places, all the things I want them to experience, and explore. Finding the history of the land, traditions, language, customs, searching for just the right details that will help me see the scene I want to write.  

 I seem to name my characters long before I figure out who they are, which can be tricky, I also seem to want to name them after people I know...LOL, the villain is always the mean girl I used to hate in school or the football player who I had a crush on, who called me names behind my back... So I know I have to change that up a bit. They all can't be named Karin and Brian. I wonder do you find yourself going back to what I refer to as "good old standby's" names? 

I like to imagine myself watching all my characters playing out the scene in front of me like I'm the director and they are the actors. I choose the clothes they wear, the homes they live in, the places they go, so knowing all these wonderful places is fun to learn about if I'm unable to visit them myself. 

People watching helps with researching how someone would behave in a situation, noting their stance, the way they fidget when uncomfortable, the look on their face when they are excited to see someone they love. Taking all that in to transform it into a story that comes alive on the page is the magic of writing. 

All of us have the magic, some master it beautifully, some stumble around hoping no one sees the slight of hand. Finding the special moments is really how we bring in the reader. So researching is key to establishing the base of the story. Even if every detail isn't used in the writing having it gives the character depth and more meaning, just in the way they react. In the way, you write them.

So this month as you comb over the manuscripts you plan on tackling in November keep in mind that all you know will benefit the character and ultimately the story as a whole. So have some fun create your own world as you see it in your head. Give them amazing backstories, history, talents, and weaknesses. Let them come alive so you can tell their story. 

Write On 


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