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"Old Woman" writes who will listen

Updated: Apr 16, 2018

Since being an "older woman" who writes, I was wondering do readers want to read books written by us older people? Do they think we can relate to their lives? Are we even relevant anymore?  Do we have to have every book include all "Genders" for today's world, I wonder can people realize we are not all that different. I understand the "Millenium Generation" everyone wants all voices heard, to be represented, but NOT every story in one's life is about gender equality or race. or politics its just life, everyday life.

I don't feel like I should change a story I'm writing to bend to society just because. If I have a multicultural story then I will have people of all cultures. But I write about people, not color, sexual preference, or political views. Just life which believe it or not is rather universal. We all have the same wants and needs, such as love, health, home, family, friends.  We aren't so much different as we are the same.

As an "Older" woman, I've seen so many people in my life, and never once did I say oh you're my ____ friend, or you're my ______ boss, I see everyone around me as just people. Who I care about, or work with, and even love. It's pretty simple.

A story written from the heart is as much important to tell than any "politically correct" story. writing is to open one's eyes to see more than what they did before reading the book. We gain knowledge and insight from each other. We all have a story to tell (some even more than several).

I hope when you read my books or stories, you forget if this person or that was this or that, and just read their life.  That's my hope. Recently I lost a family member to cancer, so I had some time to think about the meaning of life. Cancer see's no difference between rich, poor, old, young, black, white, brown or yellow, gay straight or anything in between, we are people and it attacks us all equally. Which sucks by the way.  So if Cancer doesn't care what we look like or who we love, why do we?

I pray cancer never comes to your door, I wish for all of you to read great books, love with your whole heart, and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!  And if you read some of my work all the better...LOL

Keep looking forward, and Write On!


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