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Update Camp WriMo Prep

Ok so its been awhile since I posted, (been sick with flu complications) but I've been prepping for Camp WriMo for this April. If you're not familiar with this it's twice a year (April and July) you set your own writing goals instead of in NaNoWriMo that's in Nov that goals are set at 50k words in a month.  So for camp, I have decided to finish up on rewrites of my book  "One Family, Many Voices" due to come out May 17th, 2018. Also, do some outlining for my next projects. So my goal is about 25k words this time. 

If you're interested in taking part you can add me as a friend and join the camp with me.  Its always more fun with friends to cheer you on and give support to each other. 

So with the prepping, I've been focusing on brain dumping my other story ideas, to see which one speaks to me for my next project. Being sick has been a challenge since I often get my ideas when I'm in bed. So I keep a notebook on the nightstand to jot down so I don't forget in my sicken haze. I keep a separate notebook for each story idea so not to get too confused. So far I have 4 possible stories I can go with, so whichever one is furtherest along by April 1st  I will do this year. 

Part of my prep is pulling character pictures and location images for inspiration, I find that helps get the creative juices flowing if I have a visual. I get these images from Google or Pinterest. 

Writing when your sick can set you back in your overall goals but I try to push through even so. Staying with your plan, even doing a few pages at a time can keep your writing on track, instead of being so far behind you may lose hope of ever finishing. I say this as advice not only to you but also to myself.  I will get better soon, and I will get my book finished on time. I will meet my goals for Camp in April and I will blog at least twice a week. That is my writing vow. 

Happy Writing, and remember Write On!!

Nancy Pirner

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