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Update, What I'm working On

Hi all, I've been busy working on Camp NaNo. Doing all the rewrites of One Family, Many Voices which is a collection of poems and personal essays I've had written some time ago and some newer ones added. I want to have all these in one place so they don't get lost over time, this will be a multi-genre book. 

I like trying out other genre's to see who it translates to the page. So here is what I have planned for next writing projects. 

 Deadly- (series of 3 books) Crime/Detective story, 

1. tragic loss of a friend leads to more murders, following the trail leads to a deeper more sinister plot, now its a race against time to stop anyone else being killed, maybe even a fight for own life. 

2. Hollywood starlet, finds it's NOT all sparkle and fame, once the mask is removed a much darker image awaits. To own your soul, how does one escape in one piece, or do the dark forces in control really can do anything they want with no reprisals. 

3. Detective Williams finds all the crimes he's solved, has been a warm-up of what he is facing now, the degree of deception the world is under is so massive, one man can't begin to explain how to stop the evil that dwells just below our feet. It will take everyone he knows to band together to bring this to an end. Or risk losing everything, life as we know it will be a thing of the past. 

Annalee- Historical Adventure/Romance,

One families history, written from letters, and memoirs to piece together how they survived being attacked during the Huguenot's expulsion from France, to migrating to Germany. Building their legacy again, holding onto their beliefs and ROYAL BLOODLINE. Learn about their journey forward their loves, losses, and overall triumph. Becoming the family they are today. 

Inheritance- Fantasy Science Fiction

A story set in near future, after a nuclear war old world families, take it upon themselves to save as many people they can in each of their counties. 14 colonies gather supplies, livestock, medical personnel, and families to start again. The backup plan is set, in hopes we never need it, but life on this planet is hopeless, so they jettison off Earth to meet on the dark side of the moon where a space station is waiting. Once all the colonies arrive and attach to the station. A new Major city is born.  

A new way of life, new rules apply, and new friends are made. Is our new world able to be sustainable long enough for the Earth to heal? 

What could have been-- Drama/ coming of age

If grandfather hadn't died, and all the plans we made came true where would I be now? Would life have been so different? Or does Fate always win in the end? So many what if's to be answered, how to know if the life I lead was the right one for me. Just imagine my other unlived life could have been? An exploration of sorts, we always wonder what could have been. 

Well, that's all I have so far, it will take me awhile before I have all these flushed out completely, I put them in order of how I will write them. Like I said I have many books roaming around inside my head. Now I just have to get them on the page. 

Happy Writing, Following my Passion

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