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Vision Board Your Goals and Dreams

Manifesting my goals/ dreams, WOW !!! How to keep that vision in my head all the time, some have mantras to recite each morning , some use music, so have tons of clutter all around them to inspire them while they work.

I watched a YouTube Video recently At Work With Nikki -- where she walked through how she did a vision board that hangs right above her desk, I really found that would be great for me when I drift off into my imagination while writing. i could look up and see what it is I'm trying to do all the time.

Which is great for someone like me, who gets lost sometimes, in the video she gathered pictures on Google images or magazines that told her image/ her brand. Color schemes, quotes that spoke to her, furniture for her office, her MOTTO for her business. It was great.

I was so inspired I went through all my quotes I've saved from Pinterest, and google images that I dream of having someday. I made a collage of them on beautiful metallic wrapping paper, and framed it in a glided frame I picked up from Good Will.  Now I see just what my dreams are everyday, I don't have to wonder where did I put that special quote I liked ? Its all on my vision board.

Writing can be so lonely, and I know I sometimes get lost in my inner thoughts  but this is my touch- stone. I find myself smiling every time I look at it. It truly speaks to my heart. So if you find yourself drifting away from your center, perhaps your need to capture your Vision/Dreams in one place to keep you company on this voyage of writing.

Just a thought, give it a try. Let me know if you find this helpful, and check out Nikki's channel.

Nancy Pirner

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